The Equilibrium of Passion and Work

When we're young, our parents tell us to follow our passion. We hear sayings like, "do what you love, and never work a day in your life." We are encouraged in college to take a variety of courses to explore our interests and settle on our true calling. Somewhere along the way, though, the sayings seem to change. "You have to put in your time," they tell us. "Now is the time to be mobile, before you have a family." If we are all to follow our passion, yet destined to put in the work, then I reason that there must be a point where passion intersects work; a point where each person finds their true equilibrium, and ultimately their purpose. Since graduating from school, about 50% of my peers have maintained jobs in their original industry. The other half have pivoted once, and some have even pivoted twice. It stands to question whether it is luck that has kept that first half happy, or whether it is stubbornness. Are those who have shifted paths happier in their current state? Does it take small adjustments for one to figure out the ideal place, or does it just take time to settle into happiness in one's current state? If the second half had waited it out, would they have eventually found purpose and results in their first job?

Is the equilibrium of passion and work entrepreneurship? Is it solopreneurship? Does passion mean something different to everyone, and if so, how do we all discover our own purpose?