A Year Ago, I Didn't Think I'd Be Here

A year ago, I was submitting the last papers and problem sets I needed to get my diploma. A year ago, I was training my manager to take over the restaurant. A year ago, I was beginning to say goodbye to one phase of my life, and preparing for an entirely new set of challenges. To put it simply: A year ago, I didn't think I'd be here. I didn't think I'd no longer own a restaurant. I didn't think I'd have a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. I definitely didn't think I would be moving to Miami, or moving anywhere within 300 miles of my parents, to be specific (small disclaimer: I couldn't be more thrilled to get to spend more time with them).

I didn't think I'd be here because while I thrive off of self-imposed goals, I prefer to dream big and leave the details as a suggestion. You never know when the right opportunity - one that will position your life to hit those dreams - will pop up. Remaining flexible allows you to maximize those opportunities, and thus, to maximize your potential.

Why did I close the restaurant? Because I knew I had learned all of the lessons from my failure, and it was time to stop the leaking funds.

Why did I launch a Kickstarter? Because we saw an opportunity in the market. And I saw an opportunity to add value to a company, gain experience in a new industry, and hone my management skills.

Why am I moving to Miami? Because I saw an opportunity to gain field sales and project management experience in an autonomous environment (small disclaimer: I'm really going for the laundry help and dinners with mom & dad).

All of these choices are crucial to achieving my ultimate goals, but I could never have predicted them a year ago. When you leave a little flexibility in your life (albeit riskier), you leave a greater potential for success (higher return). Plus, it's exciting for me to never know what's around the corner. That isn't true for everyone, but I think that's what makes a great entrepreneur.